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    My Eleven(part 2 poem) // expectations

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    My Eleven

    I know I've gone over my borders
    And I've put too much in my work.
    Writing my emotions in these four corners,
    How I began to love and how I was hurt.

    Call me dramatic for what I've become,
    Call me sensitive for the things that ended,
    Call me chaotic for what I've done,
    Call me like how we started.

    I never thought I'd be falling so fast,
    So rapid that I never got a hold.
    I thought that it was going to last,
    But it ended to be so cold.

    I try to keep myself sane
    To keep the conversation going.
    But it starts to feel not the same,
    Where are we really heading?

    I'm really grateful for what we are
    And how it started by you and me.
    But what's happening leaves me scarred,
    It marks so unexpectedly.

    I never thought that it would be you
    And how my feelings outgrew.
    I never thought that I'd be like this to you
    Even if I never really wanted to.

    Maybe I'm too high of my expectations,
    Dreams that I always do even in the day.
    Should know more about my limitations,
    Because it might all fade away.

    I don't want to keep on waiting,
    I don't want this to be over and through.
    I don't want to keep on confessing,
    But I admit that I miss you.

    Is it wrong to like a person you like the most?
    Is it wrong to like a person you think is true?
    Is it wrong to like a person who you're close?
    Is it wrong to like a person like you?

    This would be my last work for this,
    My last blow or my last say.
    I know you'd be furious after this
    And I know I couldn't make you stay.

    I know that it's too much,
    Too attached and I liked you then.
    Even though now I know it's enough,
    But it's still you, my eleven.