• sriviahnu 6w


    I stood there staring,
    Staring into broken glass and a tilted frame.
    Yes, I have a broken mirror,
    And I can say it without any shame,
    For it shows me not what it sees
    But what I am.

    I saw the sun when I laughed,
    And when I cried ,It showed me the rain.
    With all the bad luck it brings,
    nothing was ever in vain,
    It never mattered if I failed,
    Through holes and cracks the image ever prevailed.

    I step out of my house to be imperfect again,
    The world is so divided and our sight so short,
    We will never see beyond the faces of men.
    Craving perfection to have your own fort?
    A broken mirror is all you need then.