• abbaaliyarima 4w

    Dear future wife

    Dear future wife,
    They said love exist only in the pages of paper and scenes of movies,
    But I said no, love exist in real life and we can be the prototype,
    As stars shone their light in the night, moon also reflects its own light,
    As day breaks, as the early morning cock crows , the sun would welcome
    Us with a hello, but my soul needs your light deep inside.
    Future wife, they said good men are for good women, so I assure I am Good
    So be Good, but I know I would be naughty, goofy ,freaky when with you.
    Future wife, get ready for a man that won't lie to you nor cheat on you, a man
    That would openly discuss his plans,wealth, and dreams with you, a man that would
    Consult you,respect and cherish you not for a day but always.
    Future wife your probably out there with someone,laughing at his hilarious jokes,trust me am
    A real clown, but anyways , hurry up let's connect , let's make this a reality.
    Yours sincerely ~Your future husband.
    ©~Abba Ali yarima Mustapha