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    11 Things I Learnt On Mirakee

    1. Heartbreaks are trending, either you had or not.

    2. Writing or reading(on Mirakee) can be addictive, more than many social networking sites.

    3. You must save few of your cute pictures with boyfriend/girfriend if have any.
    They can be used as posts if you are out of words.

    4. Almost 50% writers over Mirakee are better than 99% writers in Bollywood.

    5. Sex on the hotel, beach, jungle, pond, desert or even in holocaust. You name it and the fake erotica is here.

    6. Most of the nibba-nibbi follow you for the badges. Not because they like your content.

    7. We have unemployment problems so much here that youtubers, entrepreneurs, insta wale memers even semi-literate political people are all active on writing platform.

    8. Cleavage gets you more followers than content ever will.

    9. Writers Network are biased so it's pure luck.

    10. Good Morning, hi and hello are extinct in text messages and whatsapp but trending in Mirakee's comment section.

    11. Chicks and ducks all are welcomed equally here( Welcome to Mirakee), no gender bias.