• love_poet 11w

    You came when it was convenient for you
    In a rainy sky or in a cold winter's night
    You came craving for me like a wet dog needing shelter

    You never stayed when my woes woke and haunted me
    When my mood slipped and I was hurting
    You were quick on your feet and sought refuge in another's arms

    Even when there was tears in my eyes
    Darling, you needed so much words and loud cries
    To understand what I meant to say

    You were not here when I opened my heart to love
    You were not here to dance along to such sweet music
    As you should have. I waited, but now I sing to an empty sky

    But here you come again. Darling,
    You can never change your spots, I know who you're,
    What right do you have to claim you love me?


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    Dear future Darling,

    Don't just look at me. See me.
    Don't just hear me talk. Listen.

    Don't just walk in my direction. Walk with me.
    And when we fight, stay and protect me.

    How could you claim to love me
    When you've not even once noticed me
    Or with the slightest chance, you take flight?

    In my weird gestures and in my silence,
    In my smiles or in all those broken chords I play,
    There's so much I say

    In those weird ways, I wish you could hear
    And if you could just listen
    Then truly you could say you love me