• tee_thomas 10w


    Many years ago, under the mango tree in ayekooto village,
    I heard the tales of asin toun tokere, Ijapa and yanibo.
    Days passed and years perched as i sailed to the land of Akobo,
    There the tale of a beautiful maiden was shed.
    With the taste of roasted meat in my mouth,
    I sipped my palm wine under the tree of harvest,
    As the story teller unfolds the incident On the 9th night of the 7th moon,
    A Nightingale emerged on the surface of the earth,
    The tribes and sages of that era felt her emergence.
    Time passed as this maiden grew in the light of my sight.
    She sings and dances all the time as i watched her grow,
    And for every day and night performance we sat together to reflect on life.
    20 kids can not play for 20 years says the didactic tale i learnt in my childhood.
    Life staggers us as life's chores begin to unravel its tentacles on our path,
    And in the light of this more strength to brace our responsibilities we prayed for.
    She thrived and sweat for her essence to be reflected in her presence,
    To watch herself sprout fruits and shed it to men like the autumn days,
    But life's realities emerged as she felt lonely like a king with no executives,
    Like a palace with no guards, a baby with no teddies,
    Susceptible she was, more vulnerable she became.
    Well, your tales may not be like that of joseph,
    Whose answers were revealed in dreams,
    Ten stars may not bow and worship you like his,
    Temptation may come to reflect on your faith like job,
    And bush meats may not come your way like lagelu the great hunter of our time.
    But the tides of your future is brightened like the circus,
    Flourishing like the tree beside the river bank.
    Counting its order in manner of its occurrence,
    Showcasing the brightness of what you behold,
    And in it you bask in the reflection of your dreams.
    Live the world of your dreams,
    Sail on like the earth is thrust to your hands,
    Wield the earth like a sword in a warrior's hand,
    Walk the weary path with your burning flame,
    For you've been brewed from mother nature's claudron,
    You're the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.
    ---Dedicated To Adeola Dorcas Adedoyin
    TEE-THOMAS (Fearless Lines)