• jessica_tennyson 5w

    vvvVoices I hear are something soothing fall away.

    The voices I hear are not to be able to make me insane..for I cried my tears fell to Aprodite lips.. I just want my friendS lovers and sun's glorious day.. Fairy Tale Love will be rewrite to the finest play .for this sea I must forget...the lives I lived the body's I'm in everything from end to my sinns .I just wanted to leave this world with my Hall of fame. Now the answer to God is no thy man didn't love me anyway... now God's feel her pain nothing more than love a heart of gold and love on abrillant brain... He left my like I was nothing at all forever thy love was pushed Stargazing dancer of an orbit energy ball..tis I loved he never will see how Aphrodite came from thee. Sea...This is true love hurt liess and decieved my love will be the one that must lead for my sea my heart for internity will greive