• _darksideofme0710 34w

    Being with you ❤❤

    8 months ago
    This very day
    In a euphoric manner
    You asked me to be yours...

    You held my hand
    And I held yours
    And decided to get through this world of cruelty together...

    We made several promises to each other
    But that wasn't enough...
    Obstacles came,
    We were broken,
    But that strong faith we had
    Made everything stable in a moment...

    Problems encountered us day and night
    Fights, Jealousy, Kisses, Hugs
    My childish nature and the way you resisted my behaviour
    Everything complemented our relationship together...

    We never bothered about the long distance between us
    Nor did we bother about the people around
    Being with you is like paradise for me
    And watching you smile is where my happiness lies in...