• sidneylynn0519 9w

    Reborn Sober

    Hold my hand, love me please.
    Take this needle away from me.
    I'm better than this, don't let go.
    I hate this path that i chose.
    Hug me babe, really tight.
    Help me fight for my life.
    I promise i won't lie anymore.
    Drug abuse has become a chore.
    I have faith, do you as well?
    I'm done dragging you through hell.
    Kiss me love, that's all i need.
    I vow from now to stay clean.
    Believe me darling, you won't get misled.
    Just lay here with me in our bed.
    Forever and always we've said from the start.
    You and the children have stolen my heart.
    I swear on my life things will look up.
    All i need now is your trust.