• fanonkihu 10w

    I refuse to worship an imported "God"

    I refuse to worship an imported God
    A God brought from overseas
    The white man beat my grandfather
    He took our dear land
    Forced my grandfather into slavery
    Took all the riches away from Africa
    Then afterwards told him not to worry
    Because riches are stored in heaven
    If there is actually a heaven
    Why are you afraid to die?
    It is convenient for you to paint
    Yes, to paint God white & devil black
    Why is your white God superior
    Superior to my grandfather's God.

    Every Sunday you tell us to tithe
    That the tithe goes to God
    Does God have a stomach?
    Does God need our money?
    I thought God made man & man made money
    I refuse to worship a money minded God
    At the end of the day you collect
    All our tithe and take it to Europe
    That is the headquarters of your church
    So God now lives in Europe?
    Or is it just an excuse to real money from us
    And take it back to your country
    To grow your economies
    All these exploitation in the name of "God"

    You control my government
    I toil and plant tea and coffee
    But I eat products branded your name
    You even choose our presidents for us
    Congrats there you have scored
    Come and recite your big story book to us
    Come and recite it again and again
    Very convenient for you
    Translate it to as many African languages
    As many as you please
    You have won in everything but I will not
    I will not worship an imported God
    I had rather rearrange the letters to Dog.
    And worship that if I must!