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    Moral of the story: don't be greedy just learn to be satisfied with what you have even though you know you'll never get what you want because reality doesn't care.
    Image source: I don't know the name of the artwork but it was made by one Layla Nowras.

    Title: Ultramarine

    There was a woman from the Orient's tropic
    in the market street's rural and rustic.
    She held a basket o'er her head like the others
    and worked as her mother and her daughters
    while in the district of labor she saw curtains
    colored deep as the fountains and oceans
    she went in and found a hoard of that dark color
    and remembered the robe of her mother
    her eyes fixed though there's a prism choice everywhere
    if she could hold that thing she longed to stare
    but she is poor like all her ancestors before
    so she dreams and dreams the dye from the store
    but from the skies above and the rivers below
    much to her chagrin all the heavens know
    so they torment the girl as a petty pastime
    and ignored her as she prayed to the Prime
    and all this seemed to her a curse she thought bemused
    so with her vice she stole and was accussed
    as the stars don't wait so does the sky which torments,
    she looked skywards then earthwards and laments
    and regrets the pigment for all its costly worth
    but a better conscience begets comfort.

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