• akshatkuk04 5w

    Learning Ballet

    I stretched my tired fingers and swirled around in my chair,
    Not a fun swirl-a tired, frustrated one maybe.
    As I faced the building on looking our's,I could barely see a single open window,
    A multi storeyed building with no windows!

    I poured myself just half a cup of coffee and continued to ponder,
    Maybe it was analogous to the minds of their employees,
    Decapitated, dedicated workers dictated by bosses?
    The bitter taste of coffee had finally sunk into my pallate,
    Who was I to judge? A product in an industrial production line?
    A dying industry too.
    I turned around and my colleague smiled at me,
    We'd been recruited together.
    As I washed my coffee mug(which was not mine per se),
    I realised that we all were just learning ballet,
    Our feet were taped and plastered,
    Covered indigenoudly by really long hosiery,
    And all our families and friends would walk in some day-to watch us dance and they'd want us to be in sync.