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    #dowry is one of the cause for suicides in India , let's join our hands together against dowry and remove the dowry weed from the society crop.

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    What's the reason for us to give you dowry ?
    You are the one who's responsible me losing virginity , you are the one who hit us when your angry , you are the one who act according to your requirements...
    Though you do anything , we still stay and is dowry the remuneration for that , which you do ????

    Then , what's the difference between you and call boy.. Both do the same just for remuneration , while yours is a single settlement and his is we need to pay for each time.

    If you really love us by heart and soul ,
    You wouldn't ask for dowry , instead support us against it which means a lot for us.
    So , will you join us ?

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