• proverb 11w

    Read this 2 Thessalonians 2:3

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    Breathe in its 2020

    Ow 2020 you have been a spectacle to see ,you have surprised me Im genuinely Impressed.Now people open their eyes now they see that the world is corrupt one man's death causes a huge riot like they actually care.They march out to blame someone for this wickedness but blame yourselves this is what happens when you reject God cant you see this is planned.Woe to you and me because before I didnt see in this time home I saw my trueself in the mirror and it was a ravenous wolf hiding in a sheeps clothing running around like a boy pretending to be a girl so innocent so kind,my life goal was to deflower one of God's beautiful children how is that Christian thats not my mission .Dont be fooled we all knew the police never pick up the Phone Even when the murderer is knocking on the door The so called Peace keepers are useless ,Im clueless now all of this is a distraction one after the other but all we have to do is pick up the holy BOOK and read it carefully because after chaos comes change something new is coming some one New no more Donald Trump no More Republican One world one religion son of Perdition