• thatkunderagirl 10w

    Come Together

    Let your fingers
    Kiss my skin
    Roughly calloused,
    hard and soft
    Grab my arms
    And grip them
    Like I'm the one
    You hold on to
    When your heart
    Is breaking apart
    So forcefully your chest
    Can no longer contain it.

    Let my lips
    Glide on your body
    My tongue tasting
    Years of lovelessness
    And forlorn intimacy
    Spiced with electric
    Love and excitement
    Of new lovers and
    Phantoms of the old.

    Breathe into my mouth
    Let me make you
    Let me break you apart
    Let me come with you
    Glue back myself
    With parts of you
    Put you back together
    With parts of me.

    Kiss my skin with yours
    Nakedness is more than
    Bodies, unclothed and visible.
    Nakedness is more than
    Skin, spots, soft, hard
    Dark, light, wet, slick.
    Dare yourself and show me
    That which you hide.
    Dare me to open my eyes
    And look into yours, hold
    Your gaze and let you come into me.
    Touch my tongue with yours
    Consume other lives lived
    Tasting of coffee and cigarettes
    Of heartache and despair
    Depression and self hate.

    Kiss me like you know
    Love is a sham
    Fuck me like you know
    A fuck doesn't become more
    Because you call it making love.
    Fuck me like you know
    This is as empty as my heart
    Fuck me like you
    See the woman clamped around your body
    Fuck me rough and hard
    Until my name is a strange sound to my ears
    Fuck me like there's two of us
    Giving and taking and cumming.