• alexiz 5w

    Hidden Desire

    I desire a kiss
    But I am too holy to ask
    If a kiss makes me unrighteous
    Then I'll be wearing a mask.

    She is my lover
    A kiss won't bring her murder
    I dare not do what I desire
    For being holy is profitable than my desire.

    She is hard too resist
    I'd rather not persist
    Or my unrighteous desire will be revealed .

    Just a kiss will cause my soul to rest in peace
    Then will I lose my lover
    I won't be where she is.

    Is it imprudent to ask?
    Why then do I wear this mask?
    She wants to know my secrets
    All I want to know is how it feels to give her all my kisses.

    Wake up from your dream
    You are too righteous for sin