• baezper 26w

    And It Doesn't Matter...

    Like the sky above the waves,
    You cover me with your grace.
    And it doesn't matter where I stand,
    You rescue me from the darkest trails.

    Like the height of the mountains that we see,
    Your beauty overpasses what I can think.
    And it doesn't matter wher I land,
    Or the troubles I face, you hold my hand.

    Like the flows of the stream,
    Your living water pours over me.
    And it doesn't matter where I fall,
    Your sovereign hand picks me up.

    Like the colors of a piece of art,
    Your creativity amazes me, oh God.
    And it doesn't matter where I start,
    You are there to walk by my side.

    Like the drops of the morning dew,
    You refresh my love for you.
    And it doesn't matter where I come from,
    Your mercy is eternal and it covers us all.

    Like the memories that make me smile,
    Your faithfulness lights up my doubts.
    And it doesn't matter the times I trip,
    You still look out for me.