• dondor_shullai 5w


    I am not growing older,
    I'm forcefully grown.
    20 almost feels like 40,
    A kid with a heavy weight on my shoulders .

    Responsibility came quickly to me,
    By 12 I had to work for my needs.
    Praying to God ,doing his deeds.
    To help me succeed!

    At 17 I knew what love was,
    And at the time I thought it was real,
    Didn't know how it'd really made me feel?
    But it was only a wolf in sheep's clothing,
    I'm weeping ,broken I wish to never knew it then.
    But how can I pretend?
    When it happens all the time.
    And even after then I'd laugh in my mind,
    My gut feeling said don't,
    Foolishly I didn't listen and in time.
    They proved right!

    The comfort of being alone,
    Without the heaviness of this heart of stone.
    Too see my friends leave without saying goodbye,
    When at first we said we'd never say goodbye.
    The feeling has died,
    when my eyes finally open wide.
    I take a look inside,
    And took my heart and ripped it out,
    threw it far and deep into the ocean,
    Where it'll no longer grow.
    And no on will know.
    This old heart of mine.