• bubbazord 11w

    My Dearest

    do you ever feel this way?
    I've been feeling lately
    for a while to be honest
    less like myself
    I feel the most when you're here
    but you don't know
    do you?
    is it just me?
    it can't be
    I can hear in your voice
    as I'm sure you do mine
    longing for what we know we could have
    maybe not wanting to admit it
    do you write about it like I do?
    but just as I haven't, you'd never say
    maybe we're scared
    I know I am
    I'm so very scared
    I've heard love is a gamble
    but I don't know if I can risk rolling these dice
    but I could never live with myself if I didn't
    how do you come back
    just as I'm gone?
    life seems to pull us apart
    but I can't help feel
    that means so much more for us
    sometimes I feel obsessed
    would I know it if I was?
    do you ever feel this way?
    like all you need to hear is my voice
    and everything is ok?
    like seeing my face
    would brighten your day?
    like the world could be rid of us
    but you couldn't care less
    if we grew old and grey?
    like you can't bring yourself to believe
    it's better this way?
    I know I do
    every damned day
    do you ever feel this way?