• prolificmuslimah 54w

    When feeling extremely disappointing
    When I lose hope and drown in despair
    I turn to my Lord ; The All-Hearing
    And then to poetry
    For paper has more patience than people
    (With reference to Anne Frank)

    #abandoned #lost #hope #love #respected #homesick

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    So Much Done

    I am done with being the source of light , when there is only darkness
    I am done with being the only source of hope when there is despair
    I am done with being the guiding moonlight , when I am still not sure of the way myself
    I am so done with being a better version , so that people believe in the existence of goodness at ease
    All in all I can no more act to be the hard crust layer , when deep inside I am but a molten fire which can never cease