• jhaalka 23w

    Corridors of AIIMS OPD section..Flock of unknowns.., environment of Chaos and hustling faces..
    Gunjan - Hey! Excuse me, Is this Dr. Baakshi's cabin?
    Alka - Yes. You are at the right place.

    Gunjan Smiled and thanked Alka.. Alka replied it's ok but without any smile..
    And this brief conversation ended.. But Actually this was not an ending.. It was a Beginning..
    Beginning of a pure and selfless friendship..
    This was the inaugural of my Squad #theFantasticFours #Shivu#Deep#Gunju#Akku

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    Four Girls belonging to four distinct domiciles..
    All diverse from each other, oblivious of each others existence..
    Where one seemed Munificent and calm but a bit introvert character, another is extremely gregarious, carefree, playful and humorous girl..
    Gunjan introduced me to these two extremely different Girls.. Deepika and Shivangi respectively..
    Gunjan, now she is a character who is for me a tough nut to crack.. She is happy, lively, talkative girl at the first sight..
    But there is more in her which is still unexplored by me.. She is actually a very Hideous character..
    Angry Bird.. This is me.. For them I am a serious girl..
    See How distinct are we from each other..
    But there was something common among us..That was our Pain.. Our battle to live.. We were fighting same war..
    We were trying to find life amidst our Calamity..
    And similarity in our hopes and desire to live in moments made us friends..
    Today we have won our battle and we are still friends.. Because we know each others inner goal and longing from life..