• namratha_rao 5w

    From the city of Boston

    Someday, seated on a rocking chair, facing the sunset, I will close my eyes and relive a series of “pinch me” moments from the city of Boston.

    This will be a clement reminder, that happiness is more than just a feeling, it is a choice.

    I will replay how we opened random chapters of our lives and rummaged through the precious ones as we walked ahead together.

    The bright orange sofas of the college library will put a wide smile on my wrinkled face and I will reach for my phone.

    The pictures of us, decked in layers, adventuring out for hot chocolate and fries on a cold winter morning will warm my heart.

    The Lumineers, still my favorite, will play on the radio and I will hymn along, swiping across my picture gallery.

    I will run into snaps from our insane drinking games at those crazy house parties and will thank god I’m still alive.

    I will recollect our conversations about “The office” and decide to do a rerun of the show myself.

    Still cringing at Michael Scott, yawning, my fingers will unlock my phone and I will laugh out loud at the cold reactions to the meme I sent on our WhatsApp group, knowing all the while, you ‘all smiled.