• drawnto_thearts 9w

    Past should no be existed anymore. Because my heart knows it’s enough. But my mind can’t let go what happen in the past. How should I end this ? If my mind still remember everything. I thought it is easy to forgive and forget someone who doesn’t ask for forgiveness. But I was wrong and I’m always wrong. Can I ask you ? Do you still remember me? Do you still remember what happen between us in the past ? I bet It’s just me who still remember everything in the past. I hide it from you, do you know why? Because you’ve changed. You are different now. Since the day you left me in the darkness and never talk to me like how we talk when we we’re young, that is also the day I told my self that I should let you go. I know I will never belong in your world and I will accept the fact that you are different from me. If we saw each other again, can you say this word for me. “it’s ok, everything will be ok so don’t think to much “. I think we will never be back again from the days we we’re happy. And that was the end of our story. I hope my mind will shut down so I could think something that makes me alive again. I hope the past will never hunt me again because I want to sleep and never think about the things that makes me miserable and sad.

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    For you my friend