• walkerofpaths 19w


    Polar opposites, but one in the same. Ego fueled fuckers stuck in this game. Always trying to one up or out match the other, without taking the blame. You're a brilliant mind, but a lot of the time I wanna grab hold and dig inside. Find out what makes you tick, ever since I found a place in your girls heart there's been a rift that sets us apart. You should know though that I despise that hoe bro. It took two tango and even then she came and I went, never again will a single second be spent. You're my brother and I love you, but half the time I'm around I dont know if I wanna kill you or fuck you. That smug smile is one I wanna defile, I wanna hurl in your curls, you should have thrown hands with me for what I did cause I had it coming, I crossed that line and I'm still not running. For how long will we always have to be so cunning.