• ashey_simon 50w

    Wrinkles and scars;
    Her hands were not perfect.
    Nor did she care to make it look good.
    She was all busy in engaging herself with things that mattered to her.
    Husband and children;
    Household chores,
    Hardwork and labour.
    From her hands, I took my first mouthfuls of food.
    Holding her hands, I learned to walk.
    Superimposing her hands on mine, I learned to write.
    Those hands; doing selfless labour all these time.
    Those hands,most powerful and trustworthy.
    Those hands,most beautiful to me.
    Those hands could fool anyone by their first impressions:
    But touch anyone who knew what those two hands meant.
    And from those two hands I learned, my dear, that appearances are deceiving.