• riku_pradia 10w

    Unseen Battles

    Battles not seen with eyes,yet still fighting,
    Victory not assured yet hoping to win.
    Battle is filled with weary and troubles,
    Tears and sorrow becomes a routine for it.

    Life is an invisible battle which
    Many sees only your laughter and not tears.
    Trust becomes a mere English word,
    Untrustworthy becomes more common to men.

    Hatred grows bitter and bigger each new day,
    The failure in me creates the happy them.
    While I try to forget my past, they dig my grave.
    All I needed to win is to ignore and move on with life.

    The smile they give , can I really trust ?
    All I see is fire burning inside their heart,
    Oh fake smile so sweetly, just remember that
    I don't trust the carbon copy of anything.

    Dear God, you see the unseen battles inside me;
    All that goods I have is nothing without you.
    Your help becomes my only source to win,
    Let your miracle be my testimony I pray for.