• sdoyou 10w

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
    In every corner there is a cheery fake
    a smiling face
    there is honesty
    there is good taste there is gleaming
    with a tinge of hate
    there's the ghost of Christmas past he's standing next to me holding my hand
    and in that dark corner over there is the spirit of Christmas present with a grin on his face and a bow in his lap.

    I'm sitting here trying to wake up
    wrap it up toss it in a bag
    throw it out the window and let it land where it's supposed to land.
    the snow is falling now and where I'm from it never snows
    the south side of Phoenix Arizona
    never knew where I could go.
    But it's too late for certain things and my roots are deep don't think I'll ever leave.
    sitting here trying to make what I have be the best while it lasts.
    never tried to go anywhere
    never tried to be anything except in love
    but things aren't always what they seem and what you always seem to want isn't always what you get
    and I'm still sitting here watching the snow trying to figure out where I went ..

    is what it always seems that I do
    but I can't help myself the older I get the more I seem to not have a clue.
    ahh but I do, I really do.
    he made my insides blue and the broken best parts of me I've glued back together
    trying to make the most of this life while I can and Christmas past still holds my hand but the spirit of Christmas future made it rain while the snow fell into my lap.
    in the flakes I saw all that I have
    and I felt so foolish for every petty thought comment and regret I've ever had.
    I whispered to it
    I don't want to go back
    I appreciate where I'm at
    the rain let up and the snow went away
    my Christmas
    my life
    opening my eyes to brighter days.