• vurzie 35w

    Heavy is this heart
    so many times, are wishes for it stop beating
    or maybe get rid of all the burden it weighs.
    Tired, so tired of trying, struggling and smiling in disguise.
    It's been days, weeks to months now and it keeps growing.
    The fear, the pain, the strength to keep up, fading.

    The heartaches, becoming unbearable.
    Hit? shoot? stab? a kind of relief maybe.
    The scars are multiplying by the day, turning into a myriad of pain and hate.
    Hurt is the only escape, the first thought actually
    but then, how to cope and still survive so much torture? just a little to live for continually.

    Questions popping
    how do you runaway from yourself?
    seeking and searching, there are many and more questions unanswered.
    Yeah! Heavy is this heart.