• words_wisdom 6w

    Do not let others words affect you, stick to what is best for you and be confident to yourself. That will matter most.

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    When your body are tired of the bundles of work yet your mind is still active and wanted the works to be done. It is really amazing when my mind thought this way. I could not block it instead I followed what my mind says even if is tiring. I questioned myself why I am like this? So weird if you are questioning yourself instead to others. You know what, sometimes you have to seek advice from yourself, do not rely on others but it just"sometimes". Other says, work can wait but if you always do your tiring job without taking rest soon? You will regret. ButI have to believed that if I do my work with Love and if I am doing it wholeheartedly, compassionately I know that I will not be sick instead I'll be alive. When I work my body will fine and my mind surely knows the best. Doing my job is a pleasure.