• esha_tprs 23w

    Dear bestmonkeys,
    I can't think of anything sensational to write. You can read this and feel good and proud about yourself because this is something which was meant to be emotional with all the 'you are awesome' stuff . You know what.... the worst time to write is when your stomach is so damn full. It sort of knocks the creativity and such things out of you. I can't even read what I have written till now. Thats how lazy I feel. I also promise hereby to write the most khoobsurati things(malayalathi paranja thall...) about you as soon as I get my writer waali feelings back. You will be my constants forever (better be.... or I won't spare you). I know how hard it is to handle a moron like me....but still you are not going to get any credit for that. Whatever it be.......
    (Ok! I forgot what i thought of writing).
    Yours almost dozing off
    Your only sane friend