• mimmz16 6w

    The road less travelled....

    Have you ever had that feeling where facts and your intuitions lie poles apart and you are utterly confused which road to choose..
    I am sure all of us must have at some point of time crossed this arena. Well, that is a different feeling as on one hand you technically know all the pros and cons of choosing that road where as on the other hand it's a complete mystery..
    In such cases I would choose to listen to the voice that doesn't use words and that is intuition.. It's true I will not know which way it will take me either a complete success story or a complete disaster but in that journey I will be my own master, in that journey the sweet and sour both memories will be due to me only..
    Moreover there is no guarantee that choosing a path fixed by someone else or dictated on rules and regulations will lead me to reach my goal..
    So it's absolutely, completely okay to follow your inner voice and achieve your dreams..
    You never know may be your success story is hidden in that " Road less travelled"..