• jwinchester 6w

    Burn Fear Down

    From pages tears,
    words do reach
    the heart of you
    inside you need.

    If no eloquence
    or beautiful song
    a heart it aches
    a place to belong.

    Set free longing,
    dig underneath,
    the cynical cold
    for a heart beat.

    I reflect I travel
    within my core
    when wind bites
    as I try to soar.

    Sad, mad pores
    I sweat a regret;
    from the past I
    fail it to forget.

    Stories the cold
    we need to keep.
    So our errors we
    will not repeat.

    On parchment a
    written language
    you feel speak to
    release anguish.

    The ember's out
    so gather around.
    Let us grow a fire,
    burn fear down.