• alyxrayn 24w

    There's nothing between you and I but space and opportunity. Please don't let my innocence fool you, as there are no guidelines posted on this body.
    I stand before you in sensual defense mode so let's close this gap of intimate thoughts and take full advantage of this enticing junction.

    My innocence combined with your endurance can result in a sexual compilation, where every part of your body experiences uncontrollable subliminal and physical orgasms, where obscene thoughts become actions in a matter of seconds.

    A coalition of bodies possessed by the appetite of fornication, configurations of unfamiliar intimate souls
    in preparation for provocative gratification.

    Our hands deliver impatient grasps on one another, outlining each others physiques with our mouths, warm fingers teasing and fondling, slowly searching of new places to touch and lay moist kisses.

    I surrender letting your outer being meet my ocean gem. I am at high tide as my body is filled with your erectile being. Our bodies move like waves of the red sea, slow but strong. Your magnetism draws me near, through unconscious movements.

    As I float beneath you, eyes lock into yours, our bodies intertwined. We are one, mentally and physically.