• _its_larrie 5w

    Stop crying

    It hurts and you're so messed
    Angry, hateful, so fed up

    Want to slap yourself in the face
    Want to stand yourself in the heart

    But you're already falling apart
    No need to make things worse

    This is just your life
    You're kind of already cursed

    Stop crying
    Stop trying to find help from your friends

    Stop thinking about him all over again
    Just grow up and move on

    Stay up late to do work
    Don't care who sees you

    It's just time to change your life
    It's not in your hands

    Just feels like a decision
    Make a decision

    Stop crying
    Stop lying around in bed

    Get up, get dressed
    Get out of your head

    Because it's not a good place
    You're gullible pain

    But you're not always the one
    Who puts yourself in pain

    People love you
    Just remember

    You don't know the future
    Just wait and see

    Stop crying
    And just believe