• stuckinthewrongshoes 6w

    We knew this day would come. And we dreaded it, with everything we had. What we witnessed in your growth and journey through the years has been nothing short of magical. What you made us feel, is nothing short of magical. On a day when one billion people collectively waited with bated breath, under an indescribable amount of stress, you delivered, and you made our dreams come true. But that is not even your biggest feat. Your biggest feat is how you made every single one of us fall in love with your simplicity, humility and class. You were not just Captain Cool, you were the kind of man we not only looked up to, but aspired to be. With your love for the game, your love for your family, willingly or not, you made us feel like you were a part of our family as well, and we are so incredibly proud, and indescribably grateful to have witnessed your almost too good to be true talent and determination throughout the years. You make even the non-believers believe. You give people confidence when they've lost all hope. You turn the cards and make it seem like anything's possible. You awe us. You inspire us. You are the greatest of all time. And I will forever remember you as not the man who helped us lift the world cup, but as the man who swirled his daughter around and showered her with love, while the rest of your team celebrated the trophy you just got them. You embody simplicity, you embody humanity, and I will always be a worshipper. This is one of the moments I have been dreading the most in my life, in all honesty, and I don't think I have the strength to accept that I will no longer see you don the blue jersey and walk out with suave, giving everyone watching goosebumps. I can't accept the fact that we will never see you lift a world cup again. I can't accept the fact that you're retired. I just cannot imagine cricket without you. You are the entire reason I started watching a game I vowed I never would, and fell in love with it. And to imagine that game without you, is not painful, it's gut-wrenching. Here's hoping we all have the strength to deal with this grief, because that is what I'm feeling, grief. One of my most amazing memories in all these years is having the privilege to watch you work your magic in person, and I'll never forget your sixes that night, or the way you commandeered your team to an astounding victory. It has been my biggest privilege to see you play, to see you succeed, to just witness the extraordinary phenomenon that is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I don't need to tell you how much I will miss you, because it is fairly obvious, and also because it is impossible for me to do so without bursting into inconsolable tears. I love you MSD. Thank you. For being you.