• sujata_writes_it 20w


    A Beautiful Looking Damsel
    Was Gracefully Walking By,
    Misting Out Her Lotus Perfume,
    While Holding Her Warm Saffron Chai.

    Her Soft Delicate Feet,
    Strolling Around the Fresh Green Grass,
    Dangling Earrings Made of Pure Silver,
    And Hands Cuffed,
    With Bracelet Made of Unalloyed Brass!

    She’s Robed in a Purely White Gown,
    And a Wrist Watch with White Dial and its Hands Blue.
    She was Folding her Hands across the Chest,
    While the Other Hand was Held Up
    For the Cup,
    Filled with the Chai in Saffron Hue!

    Everything was Just Fine,
    Perfect Weather, Temperature and the Horizon Line,
    Until the Sudden Gushes of Wind Blew,
    Raising Up Her Heavy White Gown,
    And Her Hairs Messed Up Badly,
    As The Draught Horribly Flew!

    Unstable and Unsteady,
    She Stumbled Upon the Green Grass!
    The Saffron Chai Spilled on Her Dress,
    While the Meadow Stained the Pretty Lass!

    She Got Wounded and Hurt,
    And Injured as She Bled.
    She Called Out for Help, but No One Did Came,
    As Winds had Frightened them All
    And soon they all Hid and Fled!

    Her Mesmerizing Look Got Disfigured,
    As She Stained Her White Dress:
    With Saffron Chai on Her Top,
    And the Bottom with Muddy Green Mess!

    The White Dial with Blue Hands’ Watch
    That Showed her the Whole Day,
    Blotched Against her Wrist,
    As it Broke Just Right Away!

    She Pushed and Crawled Herself Up,
    And Brushed Away Her Stains,
    She Stood Right up Holding that Empty Cup
    And was Left with No Brew but Heavy Pains
    She Gazed Above the Cloudy Skies
    That was all Proudly Spread!
    She Murmured and Hopelessly Sighs!
    “It’s Just Part of the Nature, as They Said”;
    Then She Geared Up Her Pace and Limped On Forward,
    As She Came Out of the Storm, Strong!
    Neither Her Grace, nor Her Firmness Got Altered
    Even Though the Storm Was Prolong.

    The Winds Diffused into Thin Air,
    And the Nature Turned Back, Bright.
    Smiling at her Strength and Her Confidence Flair.
    ‘Independent’: She Was Told Many Years Back,
    With No Edict Lack, and Statement Fair,
    And Yes, She Proved her Independence Right.
    With Courage of Her Own and Enormous Dare!