• ch_riham 50w

    thank god I got home, I got home and I got ya
    I couldn't put my own picture in the backround because it's too long ��������

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    Success and happiness
    Poverty and knowledge
    Can they ever be one and only ?
    In a world of justice and faded cruelty
    I received a call in a haze of blurry stares
    Exhausted and too tired to answer or care
    Those nights still vivid in my memory
    When I learned how to say no to hyprocrisy
    You helped me back then and i stood up again
    Taught me how to see the bright side and ignore the pain
    I had to hear the news of your leaving in cracked sobs
    Had to realize and see your face slowly fade away in the cold
    Asking myself over and over in a series of interrogation marks
    How could you get dismissed and discover the mystery behind the aftermath
    I was impressed
    So I decided to pay my respects
    To the guy who promised me the world
    And ended up leaving it first
    I was always one to accept the reality of death
    To come face to face with this sad life’s end
    Never expected that I would be left all alone
    With a bunch of beautiful times stuck in the heart of a lone wolf
    Somehow I can’t remember the last thing I told you
    Could I have realized that was the last time I was to see you ?
    In a mass of black clothes and teary covered eyes
    I hurried my way into the crowd looking for a sign
    Of your messy hair or handsome face ready to smile
    Until I came face to face with your bare white body
    Covered in neat formal clothing
    Eyes shut as if deep in sleep
    Ready to awake anytime in a breeze