• its_lacey_bishh 10w


    i just needed someone to talk these are more than thoughts running in my head. ive been writing letters and coming to terms on a fast goodbye instead. some of youll get it as soon as im gone, notice all the signs that i was barely hanging on. some will say they never seen this come. they thought i was stronger now look what ive done.
    some will be at ease knowing i fought a hard cold war, some will say im the strongest person they know and how i kept them pushing when they were st this door.
    some will hang their heads and feel guilt in theur soul, knowing they did nothing but push me into this hole.
    some may mock and say tge worlds better off, celebrate this day and im right where i belong.
    all i know is what i dont know anymore, ive tried to hold on to something i never held before. im sorry ive hurt you, and that i left you all alone, i needed to rest be lay my head at home. this battle has been cruel, the times up over now, just know i loved you and its not your fault whst this is about. yoy never know when you have nothing left to give. ending this nightmare would be a deaths chance to live. wipe your tears and know im finally not in pain, just i loved you and don't think of my death as a way of shame.