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    To my Dear ❤️!
    My innate feelings for my beloved ...
    It's a beautiful miracle when I scrape through the times with my dear which can't be spent alone !
    Love and life balancing on the scale of truth only between us!
    Time sparkling, star passing - rhethoric like our thoughts but dearest is our love though ��
    #krthikrhul @krthikrhul #love

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    He Speaks To Me Gentle !

    He speaks to me gentle
    Pilgrim Soul to understand my Unfortunate Soul
    Makes my day out of his cute talks,
    Expect nothing in return, just me to be with him throughout what makes our conversation Desirable.
    He loves my Innocence alone!

    He speaks to me gentle,his
    - Detective and Frank words make my thinking Stable and Flawless
    My Tag words make the conversation most lovely and him to speak out more of his own ideas .
    Unrelated advices make me stunned,his Soul counteract his own foolish attempts to make me dropping him
    He makes my mere Beauty Shine !

    He speaks to me gentle
    Laughter hampers my fluent speaking to a Butler way ,
    Just cute his talks are ...
    He Pampers me to dip myself in deep Adventurous Sleep,Each Night!

    His stories serve me as playful one's
    narrated to make a Baby sleep, Extrovert his nature witness mine Extreme Innocence
    He takes me to a Dream World,Every night!

    He speaks to me gentle,
    Teases me in a lovely way,brings continuous Smile on my Masticulatory face
    He drifts me through Imaginary World just by his Magical Talks ;
    His hidden Love shoke my Heart within
    his limited exposure in accepting his Intense Love for me
    He simply loves me , Utmost Love!