• samreen05 9w


    This very time, I’m more than happier,
    flying higher with greater beliefs,
    Holding on to rest and reliefs.

    The latte was denigrated in vain,
    for you had labored me to Insomnia and pain.
    I had you in my bag of bones nocturnally,
    and had woken up to you every morning.
    Oh love !
    Let’s just have a one-to-one prose,
    Let’s just abandon each other’s thoughts,
    I’ve stopped craving your vibes,
    And No ! You can’t agitate me anymore.
    The persecution has finally adjourned.
    But somewhere in the heart of hearts,
    you made me actualize :
    I could not have learnt the forbearance and poise.
    The vigorous your stab, the brawnier my dab.
    Here’s me breaking up all the ties,
    Here’s me breaking up in all my senses.
    Oh darling ! It was me and not you.
    I dumped you for you were meant to be.
    Go find someone new, I wasn’t made for you..

    Oh Anxiety ! I’m breaking up with you.
    Oh Anxiety ! You know I loved you,
    Oh Anxiety ! I’m finally breaking up with you.