• ink_and_solitude 5w

    Tell Me

    Tell me your pain
    When you force your smile
    Before your friends
    Who can't see your eyes
    Behind which, lurks the tears of last night
    That you shed in your bathroom
    Washed your face
    Like everything was normal
    Tell me how it felt
    When everyday you wore the same mask
    So they won't ask questions
    When the weight of a thousand sorrows
    Mauled you to the ground
    Begging every spirit you know
    To let you go
    Because you don't have it anymore
    Tell me what happened
    When you were almost there
    Ready as ever to take your life
    To be free of all the thorns
    To leave the world forever
    The fear that gripped you
    Because death is forever
    Tell me your dreams
    When nothing will change
    And no one will understand
    And what's left is you and this wretched world
    And all its sickly demands
    But you can't disobey
    For you need to live somehow
    And the only death is a slow one
    Tell me everything