• tia_2005 6w

    I open my eyes to see you
    I close my eyes to feel you
    I lick to taste your drenched lips
    I bit you to provoke the lost thesis.

    I fill up with joy to experience the love drops,
    I fill up will sorrow to loose the lost things.
    I find you in the segment of my course,
    I tear you up to delete the worst post.

    I found the lost intimacy between us
    I think its all because of we are together.
    I believe the world is magical here
    I think the magic is because you are there.

    I think our love is growing deeper now
    I couldn't have done so if the time wasn't mine
    I can stay with you forever then and now
    You are the person for whom my world is heaven now.


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    Let our love shine there
    Where the world Is without tear.

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