• leprmy 6w


    A day is a gift
    A chance to make right
    Past mistakes

    A day is an opportunity
    To advance your vision
    Reaching your set goals.

    A day cannot be wasted
    A day must be appreciated
    It's a perception thing.
    Weather good of bad, so make it count.

    Today a present,
    Tomorrow is hope
    Yesterday was tough love

    Enjoy by force
    Consume wisely
    Make the most of it
    You only get it once.

    Then came the storm, roaring,  billowing winds raging waves, seeking to devour their next victim, oh who can save me from my downfall, it seem like a vise grip, procrastination has its fangs on me. Before I knew it, milli seconds waved past, and such a mockery and disdain was my reward from minutes. The hours where a tragedy, just like a virus, old age kicked in and nothing I had done. It was indeed the bane of my progress and ire of my success.