• _sleepyhead_ 6w

    I hope you are doing fine. It's been a year, we haven't had a word. That day, when I caught a glimpse of you , I cringed a bit. You took away a lot from me, maybe that's why facing you feels like death. Hypothetically speaking, we will be marking our 5 year had we been together. But destiny knows how to take bizarre turns. Well, it's alright. I am not going to go deep in all agony shit!
    I am here to tell you, Radhi told you me you are seeking therapy. Lately, you have been showing signs of mild depression. I was startled and shoved her off. Because then I thought a person like you, who has ripped some one apart, been cruel and crushing can have issues like these? But then why would a mentally -oK being resort to such things? That was an epiphany!
    I have cursed you a lot for all that you made me go through. The ordeal that you left me in. It still gives me shivers. I was enraged at my own sight because I had such a tough time dealing with the thoughts and breakdowns. Whilst, you got away with another voluptuous lass building castles in air and wooing her to believe your saccharine lies.
    For the first time, all the built up regrets have dissipated. I am on my own now and , well, I have come to terms with it. I know I have to move forward even with the battles I lose every night . Yet, I am no happy learning that you are low and broken. Though I have cursed you too much, but never in my wildest dreams I could think you holding a knife and cutting your wrist. I am petrified.
    I know you wouldn't want to talk to me. And am okay. But even if you feel the the world is out to get you and you are overwhelmed by number of thoughts. Take that phone and dial me. I have removed you from the block list. Yes I did.
    No past and no fights can outweigh your sufferings. I have been in that place and I know how dark it feels. I know it so well. Maybe you need someone who wouldn't give those superficial advices or spew some erudite words, but someone who will listen with empathy because they have walked that tunnel at some point.
    No, I don't love you. It's over. Am over it too. I admit our memories makes a smile a million times but I do not crave your touch nor do I yearn for your company. I am really grateful for things gone abysmal because am way much better and grateful today.
    I have healed but I want you to as well. Let's make truce now. Take a step and give your hand, fall down if standing up feels hefty, am there to pick you up.
    Trust me, this time!

    Yours lovingly,
    Someone who loved you (in) - sanely.

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