• geniuskwesi 5w

    (phone beeps exactly at 6:00am same as alarm, but the alarm had to respect the phone because babe has something special for me)

    Babe: I know I'm not deceiving myself by saying good morning, have a great day and I want to be yours forever because I really love you

    Me: My lips are not stitched neither has my tongue been misplaced to say, you mean everything to me and I just won't give up on you. You have graced my day for me already that's just to thank you for. You're very lovely

    I was waiting for her final words and a warmth kiss then....

    Babe: ouch! I'm so sorry, but this message wasn't supposed to be for you. It's a wrong post I think.

    Now just imagine how my made up day would be like as I don't know what to do or to say again. I'm still standing with my phone in my hands, clueless.