• aanchalbharara 9w

    I Wonder

    Was it for no reason, that we met in life?
    Why did we meet only for a few days?
    Sometimes I wonder...

    Why did we start talking so much?
    Why did we become such good friends in so little time?
    Sometimes I wonder...

    Why did our friendship become so important for us first and then suddenly got over?
    Why were you so special for me then?
    Sometimes I wonder...

    Why was it important for us to keep each other smiling?
    Why did our paths cross each other, when our roads in life were totally different?
    Sometimes I wonder...

    Why did we become each other's support system, when there was nothing to care about?
    Why did we give clues to each other about our feelings, when we had no reason to even think about each other?
    Sometimes I wonder...

    Why did'nt we confess our love to each other, when we knew that it was there?
    Now you are living your life and I am living mine, then why do I miss those times spent with you?
    Sometimes, I wonder....

    When there is nothing more to be added to the story of our life; never to talk, see or meet each other ever, then why do I even think of you?
    Must be something more than this, planned by Him, or was it The End of our little phase of friendship?
    Sometimes I wonder....

    Do you ever think of me sometimes, the way I do?
    Or I've been forgotten?
    Sometimes I wonder.