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    Excerpts from a love letter that I never wrote.

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    The love tales

    1. If you ever find yourself in mid of
    a crisis, go to your wardrobe, find
    my shoulders wide open to wrap
    you in warmth, in calm.

    2. tap your back twice and see if I
    have left some pats on it.
    congratulating you for what you are,
    what you are about to become.

    3. I look into your eyes and get lost.
    My anger melts in your voice
    like ice in water. My vices die.

    4. Your words feel like Urdu,
    their sound like history being
    spoken with aplomb. I listen
    with rapture.

    5. you are the synonym to a sunrise,
    hope, healing, revolution, blessing,
    an answered prayer. I want to
    become better for you. I want to
    be the best.