• blackmirror 23w

    How to stop the one who's willing to go?
    How to hold on when he jerks me off in a while and tells me I don't understand a single 'No'?

    Like a leaf in the wind he sways to and fro,
    Kisses me once and then shoots a thousand arrows in a single go.

    He tells me he is too hurt in the this battlefield,
    He has scars left over all his heart from his past yet to heal.

    He tells me he needs neither docs nor meds,
    These wounds have no cure and I should leave him instead.

    I believe him and try to be apart,
    But then I see him moving like a wanderlust bee looking for another flower.

    Somewhere it's not his fault but mine,
    I lack these tricks and charms to make him mine.

    Looks,smartness and personality were never my traits,
    God just added a little love, sensitivity and foolishness as alternate.

    He witnesses the sun when I bid the day a goodbye,
    For him we are like two different stars in the sky.

    When he keeps on digging for reasons to be apart,
    Tell me how to hold on and stop asking for him from these shooting stars?

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