• cole67 10w

    The Lands Of The Free:

    Live free or die
    In the land of enchantment,
    A better place to be
    If your looking for a merry land.

    So come share the wonder
    That's beyond your dreams,
    The American Experience
    That's life changing.

    Where unbridled spirits
    And the way life should be,
    Are wild and wonderful
    Pure Michigan.

    From a sunshine state of mind
    To a much purer golden state,
    The land of opportunity
    That's like no place on Earth.

    Where Freedom and unity
    Keeps life elevated,
    While fresh air and fond memories
    Are full of surprises.

    From ocean to ocean
    To the islands of aloha,
    A lot of tasty destinations
    To help restart your engine.

    Where your as big as you think
    In big sky country,
    Where liberty and prosperity
    Is the heart of it all.

    Where alls ok in Oklahoma
    But don't mess with Texas,
    Where Virginia is for lovers
    And Washington forever evergreen.

    Where home means Nevada
    But I love New York,
    Where you'll fall for Lousiana twice
    For they're all legendary.

    So if you wanna make it yours
    And live the good life,
    Then follow me to Tennesse
    Where memories last a lifetime.