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    So one of my dear friend cheated me last night, Ooo should I call her my friend or what I don't know

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    Why always I am the one ?

    If you are introvert or if you don't know how to be the person who can easily gets into a different characters with different person or in a simple word if you don't have double standards attitude, then it's a really tough place to be . I don't know what earlier used to happen, but this is the harsh reality of our society. I realise it so many times and every time my heartbroken, because there are hardly anyone whom I interacted with, I don't know somehow I always lives in the fear of being judged by people , so I avoid to interact with people . There is not even a handful of people whom I am in touch with , it's not like that I don't trust people, it's just whenever I trust someone, they always broken it. I really don't know what people get by broking someone trust. I always feels that if someone trust you, it's a responsibility of other person to make sure that their trust remain on you isn't. I don't know what people get by bitching about someone. Can anyone explain me why there are so many people always wanted to pull you down, I always get betrayed in friendship , and whenever I gone through my body started shivering, my heart beats increases so much that I can hear it very clearly. Everytime I go through this I always blames myself, last night same thing happened again and everything happened in a same way , for the few minutes I am not even able to hold myself , because I was not in that state to accept it , I was like how can someone cheated me whom I trust so much , then I realised it's not my fault, it's a fault of their characters and their upbringing. But I always had that question why me , I was always honest with everyone, I was always nice to everyone then why I didn't receive the same thing. I don't know why I don't have anyone in my life who can respect my emotions, my honesty for anything, my simplicity, I am in search of the answer of this question why always me?